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What will we do?

We will use the growing awareness of the AaptwakTM product to access memberships in joining us to form a greater global consciousness environment realizing each individual’s part in the cosmos.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Promote AaptwakTM as a health benefit.

  • Promote awareness to legalize AaptwakTM around the world.

  • Provide an environment conducive to human interaction and relaxation. Connecting to mother earth by connecting with its people.

  • Establish an environmentally conscious brand promoting harmony and a place to escape the Urban Jungle.


Business Philosophy:

To create a diverse society interlinked with each other by promoting health awareness by social interaction, relaxation, meditation and yoga. Using the medical industry and mother nature to lead a diverse group of people using AaptwakTM as a means to reach out.


However please take note, while we promote the use of AaptwakTM products, we do NOT permit the selling or sell AaptwakTM on these premises. However, once legal a dispensary will be available.

Please be responsible, and don't drink or smoke and drive.




Single: R40 / Couple: R60

Via monthly debit order



Single: R150 / Couple: R200

Via monthly debit order



Single: R200 / Couple: R300

Via monthly debit order


Package (VIP)

Single: R300 / Couple: R450

Via monthly debit order

Upcoming Events

Public Events

AaptwakTM can host your event! Contact us now: info@aaptwak.co.za

Information Evenings
Information Evenings

AaptwakTM can host your event! Contact us now: info@aaptwak.co.za

AaptwakTM can host your event! Contact us now: info@aaptwak.co.za

Growing Info Evening

AaptwakTM 21st March 2019

AaptwakTM would like your support in this, as we are going to be there!

  • Plant growing conditions

More information can be found on the events page.

Or e-mail us on: info@aaptwak.co.za

Members Only Events

NOTE: You have to be an official AaptwakTM member and signed in to view these events


Company Overview

The aim of this health center will be to promote wellness from within.  We aim to boost internal health of our members as well as to create an environmentally stable program to help improve our immediate natural environment by enabling people with skills to become more stable and productive humans. By getting the recreational user active and spending, we will use the proceeds to fund the causes we have listed.

Mission Statement

Connecting and human beings to each other and to nature. Provide a safe and informative atmosphere conducive to awakened consciousness. Using AaptwakTM as a natural product to enhance the healing process. To allow complete healing of the body mind and spirit.

AaptwakTM Projects

Specific designed projects to donate to each cause individually.
- Green Pots
- Oil Campaign
- Buddy Support

First 200 members to join AaptwakTM will never receive membership fee increases!

*Initial fee: Once off amount R50 (Registration)



*Free Wifi

The Holistic Healing Shop is a herbal health shop stocking soaps creams ans ointments from all traditional medicos and herbs around  the world. We do patient consultations as traditional healers and provide massages for injuries and pain relief.

We also host information evenings every third Thursday of the month, and a Cannabis flea market every last Saturday of the month.

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